5 Reasons Your Business Needs Email Hosting

5 Reasons Your Business Needs Email Hosting

5 Reasons Your Business Needs Email Hosting

Email hosting refers to a web service that rents out and operates email servers, much like a landlord who leases out a building and takes care of its maintenance. This dedicated email service is opposed to free webmail sites like Google or Yahoo, and it holds many benefits for businesses –as we will discuss below.

1.   Brand Credibility

Imagine trying to sell your services or products using a Hotmail account. That’s not so hot, after all. It’s almost like rocking up for a business meeting wearing your PJs.

You cannot communicate credibility without a unique domain name and related email addresses. Think about it, with whom would you rather do business – jo@businessname.com or josoap134627@gmail.com? The former will also stand out more in your potential or existing clients’ inboxes, and there is less chance of your emails getting lost in a flood of communication.

As you can see, email hosting ups your professionality, legitimacy, visibility and brand image.

2.   Premium Services

Compared to free email services, a dedicated email hosting provider will offer advanced, customised email solutions to higher-demand clients, like businesses. These services include domain registration (if your company does not yet have a domain), customer support, email management, filtering and security.

3.   Scalability

A dedicated email hosting service can accommodate multiple addresses linked to the same domain name (e.g. sales@yourbusiness.com, info@yourbusiness.com, marketing@yourbusiness.com, etc.). It is easy to increase your storage space and create additional addresses as your business grows and employees, branches or departments are added.

This perk is impossible with free email services, where you would need to create separate accounts for new addresses and may end up with a confusing, unprofessional mess.

4.   Security

Although security was already mentioned, this crucial feature deserves a bullet of its own. Email hosting provides clients with encryption to prevent data breaches and mail interception. This is especially important to protect you and your clients when handling sensitive information. Hosting providers will also set up malware and spam filters to ensure your inbox messages are safe to open.

5.   Increased Uptime

Email downtime is a big problem for businesses, as it diminishes your reliability, affects team communication and can even lead to lost messages. Therefore, the uptime guarantees an email hosting provider offers are key to your business’s quality of communication and service.

As should be clear, your greatbusiness@yahoo.com address is not cutting it in the marketplace.

Pathfind Media can register your company’s domain, set up a new mailbox and help your business flourish. Let’s chat about that.

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