Content delivery is a significant factor influencing turnaround times. We obtain our clients' content in two different ways. 

Content curation entails everything that is already available and can be sent to us. On the other hand, content creation implies that we (or someone else) are contracted to generate one or more of the below elements for your website.


Website content is anything that adds value to a visitor's experience.

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To design your website, we need your:

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Your corporate identity plays a significant role in the design of your website and typically includes your

  • logo,
  • brand style guide:
    - logo variations or use cases
    - colour palette (HEX codes)
    - typography (font selection)
    - iconography / graphics / textures
    - mood board.

If these elements already exist and are available, all you need to do is get it to us (you can simply email it or send a link to your corporate identity elements via any existing cloud-based tool you use, such as Dropbox, Google Drive, or WeTransfer).

If you don't have a corporate identity – don't worry! We are pretty good at creating this for you. 

You will often hear us say, ''The design follows the text.” The copy (text/words) on a web page needs to be written first, and then the visual elements can be fashioned around it. Design merely complements and highlights.

We will need the copy for each of your website pages, either

  • delivered to us via email (here is a simple Word template you can use), 
  • written by us, or
  • curated by us.

Need some tips for writing your own website copy? Have a look at this article on preparing website copy.

Finding the words that will do your brand justice is part of what we offer our clients on our journey together. You don't want potential clients to write you off because your writing is off. Quality copy drives more traffic, reduces bounce rates and increases conversions. Our professional copywriters will sort you out if needed.

Either way, once we receive your copy, we will apply information architecture to bring everything together in terms of the layout, flow, and placement on your website. Think of it as playing Tetris with information—organising and labelling your website's content so that users don't need a map to navigate. It's all about creating a smooth, intuitive journey through your digital domain, ensuring no visitor gets lost in the maze!

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The visual elements for your website include everything that will augment the copy:

  • stock images (see how to use Unsplash stock photo site),
  • professional photos,
  • graphics, and
  • video.

You may send us your existing visual elements via email or any cloud-based tool, such as Dropbox, Google Drive, or WeTransfer.

Alternatively, you can commission us to create or curate any of the above visual elements on your behalf.

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