Winner in the Media Innovator Awards

Winner in the Media Innovator Awards

Winner in the Media Innovator Awards


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Media Innovator Awards 2020 / 2022

Pathfind Media are among this years’ victors of UK Magazine, Corporate Vision’s Media Innovator Awards and have been awarded as being:
 - Most Innovative Web Design Agency - Western Cape

How have we been awarded?

CV's in-house research found Pathfind Media as one of the prolific web agencies in South Africa and nominated us for the Media Innovator Award. After acceptance of the nomination, their team created a case file which included various information such as brand history, services, products, articles, social media, presence within the industry, testimonials, etc. Pathfind got the opportunity to provide supporting materials via an evidence questionnaire.

Once finalised, the file was then passed on to a judging panel who discussed and deliberated and ultimately decided who they believe deserves to win a title within the Media Innovator Awards this year.

The team based their judgment on criteria such as client dedication, innovation, business growth, longevity, online reputation, customer feedback and business performance. View the official press release.

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