Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

What’s the story?

Worldwide statistics show that marketing on social media platforms is crucial to improve brand awareness and sales for businesses. Facebook is the belle of the ball when it comes to social media networks (if it’s not on Facebook, it doesn’t really exist…), but we could also hook you up with Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and others.

There are different ways to show your face on Facebook. Facebook pages help people connect with your business – they serve as dynamic mini websites. Facebook adverts help people discover your business – they appear in your target audience’s newsfeed and direct them to your business.

What can it do for you?

There are many reasons why we at Pathfind Media believe you need Facebook pages and adverts to help your business find its path to potential clients.


Show them what you've got - Facebook is all about telling stories and you need to tell your brand's story as it is developed. Brand awareness tools can help people learn more about your business or a new product and thereby making them feel more involved in your brand. If we feel familiar with something, we are more likely to spend money on it!


Increase traffic, engagement in sales - There are many creative ways you can encourage Facebook users to visit your website or shop, purchase products or even just read your blog to get acquainted with your brand. Facebook is a great broker between your business and its potential patrons!


Measure your marketing results - Through Facebook’s advert reporting tools, you can make better marketing decisions. Easily understandable feedback reports will help you view how your campaigns perform against your goals in order to build better ones for the future.


Effective, value for money targeting - Facebook’s powerful technology helps you target your audience effectively – zooming in on potential customers based on demographics, behaviours or contact details rather than just flaunting your adverts to anyone at random. This intentional focus also means you save money!

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