Every business once started as a dream. Learn more about where it all began, what we value, the clients we've met along the way, and where we are headed.




Jo Wagner founded Pathfind Media in the small surfer Town of Jeffreys Bay. The general marketing company, soon specialised as a boutique web design agency.


Pathfind Media hit the road to Cape Town where we relocated our head office to a hill overlooking the Stellenbosch mountains. Here, more Pathfinders joined the journey.


We crossed over to London to penetrate the UK market. We have now served clients across the globe, including England, New Zealand, Australia, Hong Kong, America and Switzerland. Cape Town and London remain our two basecamps.


We were recently rewarded for being The Most Innovative Web Agency in the Western Cape.
This confirms we are headed in the right direction!

As a company, we make sure to remain on the cutting edge of the ever-evolving media landscape.
Based on over a hundred
5-star reviews, it's safe to say we're doing a great job. And we will help navigate your
brand to greatness too.


We are fueled by these core values

Undeniable PASSION

We have a passion for the web industry. We love what we do: technology, marketing and design. We have a passion for our brand: Pathfind - building on point signature websites. We have a passion for our clients. We're not a fly by night. Longterm customer satisfaction is our ultimate business strategy.

Unconventional INNOVATION

We value novelty and improvement.  Our very name underscores our dedication to find new and improved ways to deliver on our promises. Pathfinding is plotting the best route between two points. It is a smart way to solve mazes. Therefore, we never stop learning the next  best technology.

Undisputable CREATIVITY

Web design is an ever-evolving field that requires constant creativity. We value the creation of visually stunning websites that engage and inspire visitors. It involves experimenting with different layouts, colours, fonts, and interactive elements to create a unique and memorable user experience.

Uncompromisable INTEGRITY

We are accountable and transparent, in line with the code of conduct from Unashamedly Ethical. We stick to deadlines, have fair prices (no surprise invoices), you own the work we do for you. And it is easy to cancel if you're unsatisfied. Although, half our clients come to us from other agencies, which attest trust.