Logo design

Your logo is a visual benchmark customers will use to identify your brand. A logo is to a company what a face is to a person: it makes you immediately recognisable and eventually becomes representative of all your attributes.

It's also the lead actor in your brand style guide, an important guideline document used to achieve consistency in all your brand's design efforts.

team working

Client brief

Our logo design process commences with a thorough get-to-know. We take a deep dive into our clients' distinctive identity and specific requirements. This initial exploration allows us to gain valuable insights into their core values, activities, and overall essence, providing the essential groundwork for crafting a logo that authentically connects with their target audience. Additionally, we carefully examine key themes that encapsulate their brand's essence.


We find our clients' true colours. The right hues can evoke emotions and leave a lasting impression. Therefore, we meticulously curate a suggested colour palette tailored to each client's brand identity.


Next, we immerse ourselves in the art and science of font selection. Much like colours, typography has the power to evoke specific emotions and sentiments connected to a brand. Our approach involves carefully sourcing fonts that effectively communicate your brand's unique message and suit your overall personality.

The market (competitors)

We offer an in-depth market analysis by showcasing a carefully curated collection of our competitors' logos. This step allows us to gain valuable insights into the current market landscape, ensuring that our new logo designs remain relevant within the industry, stay at the forefront of emerging trends, and also stand out in the crowd.


After we finished our research and selected suitable fonts and colours, we transition into the design phase. At this juncture, we dedicate ourselves to crafting four unique logo options, presenting our clients with a diverse range of choices.

Market vs concepts

We also compare our clients' logo concepts with the current market landscape. This will demonstrate how their logo is ahead of the curve while seamlessly aligning with the prevailing trends and relevance within the market.