Building Your Website

Designing a website is like building a house.

There are many ways to go about it and endless design possibilities. Our team at Pathfind Media endeavours to find the best way to build your online "house" where Internet users can visit your content. By applying the most advanced UX design, hosting, and SEO principles, we aim to make your website your most valuable marketing asset.

team working on a project


Just like a house, a website has a foundation. This basis must be stable to support your online requirements and the site's scalability when accelerating your marketing efforts.

In our experience, Drupal, Joomla and WordPress (three of the most popular CMS website builders) do not provide sufficient stability and scalability. 

In this blog, we detail the disadvantages of building with WordPress.

The cluttered dashboard of a WordPress website
Three trails of footprints with one trail leading to Webflow

Like true pathfinders, we diverged from the well-trodden road and went against popular opinions favouring WordPress. Instead, we ventured into the secure and scalable world of Webflow and pure, semantic HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Webflow (one of the greatest web design tools) is backed by AWS hosting and sports its very own ultra flexible CMS.

Webflow outputs pure HTML code that we can host on AWS with its CMS functionality or on our own dedicated hosting server with Xneelo.

We put Webflow up against WordPress to see its advantages in this blog: Wordpress vs Webflow

In short, we build websites that no longer rely on clunky plugins and themes that need constant updating. We can provide 10x better security and speed regardless of the size of the site.

Unlimited website design

With tools like Webflow at our disposal, we can accomplish our true passion: creating business websites with zero limits to creativity and functionality! And, of course, all our websites are designed with a mobile-first approach, meaning they are 100% responsive on different devices. 

Don't believe us? Our grandstand website showcase says it all!