The Lowdown on Logos: The What, Why and How

The Lowdown on Logos: The What, Why and How

The Lowdown on Logos: The What, Why and How

A logo is a visual image representing a business or brand and one of the building blocks of corporate identity.

It could include pictures, symbols or letters (typically the name or initials of the company in a specific font) – or a combination of these.

A logo is to a company what a face is to a person: it makes you immediately recognisable and ends up becoming representative of all your attributes. When somebody sees your logo, they should be thinking of your business in the same way someone will think about you when they look at a photo of you.

How to choose and use a logo

You want your "face" to be attractive and effectively representing your brand's personality. Therefore, carefully select competent graphic designers who fit your company's style to create it. Losing face by showing that you went the budget route is really a logo no-go. As any girl will tell you – your face is not the place for frugality!

If your logo is the visage of an unkempt girl (yes, with a great personality – we get it!), people will simply take longer to discover your awesomeness. Contrariwise, putting a pretty face on your business makes it easier to be noticed and remembered favourably. Furthermore, it is best to get it right the first time as customers’ familiarity with your brand might be damaged by frequent "face lifts".

Then, make your “pretty face” work for you! Use it in all communication and on all stationery (like e-mail signatures and business cards), on all your products and in promotions. Display it on your website or at your physical business or exhibition site. The more it is seen, the better it will be remembered!

Why to go for a logo

Your face is your fortune! Here are a couple of reasons why you need a great logo:

  • Impress: People are captivated by looks – let's face it (pun intended)! Our very first impression of a person is often based merely on what we see and only from there on forward do we alter our opinions as we learn more about the individual. It is the same with a business: If you show off well visually, you impress. This should attract potential customers.
  • Imprint: A logo is foundational to brand recognition – the extent to which a customer can identify your brand. This familiarity, in turn, influences purchasing decisions. An effective logo will help your target market to slot you into their memory.
  • Individuate: A unique and well-designed logo also serves to distinguish you from the competition. You are probably not absolutely unrivalled in the products or services you offer. If a potential client is faced with a couple of possibilities of where to spend their money, a logo that makes you stand out from the rest will up your chances that they will opt for you. Even if your logo is not the very best, having a cheap-looking one (or worse, none at all) will probably cancel you out amid a ‘’sea of faces’’.
  • Influence: An attractive and professional-looking logo serves to build authority and polish your reputation. When people look at you “in the face”, they want to know that you are an expert in your field.
  • Inform: Your logo could be utilised to explain what your business does – especially if it is not a well-known or obvious trade. An image can help to communicate what you do and draw the right crowd.
  • Invest: The stronger your brand, the higher the resell value of your business. Think future!

Let the world see your face! 

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