Multi-platform Online Marketing Strategy

Multi-platform Online Marketing Strategy

Multi-platform Online Marketing Strategy


It is critical to establish yourself as a voice on multiple social media platforms.

The people in your niche might not gather where you think they do.

If you own a company that makes and sells nice hats, you probably should be quite active on instagram and Facebook. Or if you’re an online sales consultant, being active on Google+ or Linked-In would be a great move for you. But creating content for more than two social media platforms could be a bit tedious. This is where a multi-platform strategy comes in.

It is easier than you think

Recently I noticed a lot of marketers succeed in boosting their status and influence in their respective niches, by being active on most social media platforms with content, ads and just a general consistent presence.

Now, someone who is new or even active in a niche, sees them everywhere they go. Whenever they need a piece of info, your company is represented there, whether it be on Facebook, Instagram, a forum, Twitter, Linked-in, Google’s advertising platform etc.

This might seem a daunting task for a small company or solo person trying to make an impact in their market.

But there is quite an easy way of doing this that involves a bit of creativity and some sneaky editing tricks. A lot of guys these days are doing weekly blog posts, or webinars via google hangouts or something similar. This is a great place to start as it enables you to re-purpose content on multiple platforms at once. 

For Example

Perhaps you can create an hour long webinar? Cut out a 5min section every day, post it to Youtube with a small blurb about the content and a call to action for your product or service. Share that youtube video on your blog as a post with a bit of a text description.

Now you can share that blog post to your business' Facebook page. Also take any profound or cool one-liner and create a nice Instagram image out of it, post it with Hashtags that your niche would actively search for and BOOM, you just took one small bit of video content and re-purposed it for 4 platforms!

Quick editing skills and creativity can take you far

Don’t have a video? No worries! write a blog post and do the same thing, post it everywhere with links back to your product or service.

30min of quick editing and creativity and you became a voice that is active everywhere your tribe might go.

Take this one step further and retarget your blog post visitors on Facebook and show them an ad for your product or anything you want.

Basically if you’re active everywhere, the chance that someone in your niche comes into contact with you increases 10 fold and you establish yourself as a consistent and active leader in the marketplace.

This might seem like a difficult process to begin with but it really easy once you are into it. It is all about being consistent and starting with a post once a week. After that, scale up and do it a few times a week.

In doing this you’ll increase your presence and ultimately the profitability of your business.

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