Payment Collection Mandate

Payment Collection Mandate

Payment Collection Mandate

Automatic Payment Collection

As of January 2020, Pathfind Media will transition to a debit order system of payment by Sanlam Multi Data.

The reason behind this move is firstly for the convenience of our clients – it will mean one fewer task to do manually. Furthermore, as a small business, we need to ensure better cash flow and save on the time we currently spend on following up outstanding payments.

Each client will be issued with a mandate they need to fill out and sign in order to set this new system in motion.

All clients can be assured that they will not be chained down by the mandate – the debit order could be stopped at any point when you give a month’s notice to end our services. With careful oversight and approval of the payment schedules, the owner of Pathfind Media will personally manage each month’s deductions, and integrity in this process is ensured. Before any payment is made, a client will receive an early invoice (mostly 5 days in advance) and you will always be informed about the amount to be paid – we have a strict “no surprises in invoices” policy.

In the case of a cash flow problem on the client's side, they are welcome to inform us and we will take their circumstances into consideration. We remain considerate and the system is still flexible.

We thank clients in advance for their cooperation in signing the mandate.

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