Why Small Businesses Need a Website

Why Small Businesses Need a Website

Why Small Businesses Need a Website

Pathfind Media builds way-making small business websites. The internet is the modern-day market square and if you don’t have a stand on this plaza, you have much less of a shot at selling your products or services to the contemporary villagers.

In other words – if you mean business, you need a quality website.

Here’s how the world wide web will work wonders for you:


1. Add credibility to your incredibleness

No matter how incredible your products or services are, in today’s society they basically do not exist without a professionally designed website. An online presence shows that you are the real deal and that you know what you are doing.

2. Overcome the mail fail

On the topic of credibility, another plus of having your own domain is that it allows you a personalised, branded email address. I mean what sounds more legit... joebiz1995@gmail.com or info@mybusiness.com? Nuff said.


3. Online is in line with modern marketing

A website is an imperative marketing tool. From here you run promotions, have “sign up” options, publish blogs, etc. Social media campaigns direct viewers to your online space, which obviously implies that you need one to utilise this excellent mode of business exposure. Not to mention the coincidental customers you effortlessly gain when people stumble upon your site through a Google search.


4. Replace your space

For certain businesses, the need for physical premises could be fully replaced or greatly reduced by a web premise. For example, a website showcasing your products renders a shop front obsolete! And with exciting e-commerce possibilities, a website could take the place of a physical point of sale completely.


5.  Save tedious talking time

FAQ and other information on the web mean much less tring tring tring when you can least afford to repeat basic business information to valuable customers.


6. Cut the costs

A website saves money through many means. As mentioned above, it is a highly cost-effective platform for marketing. Furthermore, through online stores and brochures, businesses can save on real estate or renting expenses. Your website could also do the work of a couple of staff members (e.g. secretary, sales person, etc.) … at a fraction of your salary budget! From travel costs, to stationery, to infrastructure to HR and more – a website offers piles of penny-pinching possibilities!

7. Maximise your market

The internet is not called the world wide web for nothing – it truly is a global network. In other words, if you have an online spot, you are exposed to a much wider range of potential clients. Through the web, you can target customers from other parts of the country… or globe! Basically, it boils down to more business, baby!


8. A nifty notification station

When it comes to sharing information about new products, promotions, business developments and more, a website can easily and effectively make these announcements for you. They could even specifically be aimed at your target audience.

9. Websites won’t wear watches

Being part of a global marketplace means your clients can be anywhere in the world, including different time zones. Moreover, in our modern, convenience-driven society, people want things done whenever they feel like it – also after conventional business hours. A website gives clients anytime-anywhere access to obtain necessary info about your business, buy your products, make appointments and more… while you sleep. Talking about the employee of your dreams!


10. Boost your branding

Your company needs a personality and a website is an invaluable part of your corporate identity. Its look, feel, functionality, features, copy, content and more all add to making your business a live entity with whom clients can relate and build a relationship.


11. Captivate your clients through content

Value-add content such as blogs, videos, information brochures, e-books, articles, quizzes and so forth makes it worthwhile and exciting for clients to visit your site, get acquainted with your brand and ultimately spend their money on your business.

Pathfind Media has a library of over 140 beautiful, pre-made websites to choose from as quick and cost-effective starting points for small businesses in need of a space on the web. Feel free to browse our gallery and get a personalised quotation.

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