The Four Elements of the Hosting Environment

The Four Elements of the Hosting Environment

The Four Elements of the Hosting Environment

There are four elements when it comes to hosting, namely:

1. Domain Name Registration;

2. DNS (Domain Name System);

3. Website Hosting; and

4. Email Hosting.

These four elements could all be managed by the same entity, or it can be managed by four different entities (which could sometimes prove more beneficial in terms of security, site speed, etc.):


Often our clients have already registered their domain name (e.g. with a hosting provider (known as a registrar).

If not: we do this on your behalf. We can also transfer an existing domain to our management, in which case a transfer ticket request will be sent from the registry to the owner/administrator who registered the domain.


The DNS serves as your domain’s traffic conductor, pointing users to the relevant server where your website and emails are hosted.

This pointing system is housed by something called Name Servers (NS). These Name Servers are appointed or can be changed on the control panel of your domain registration.

We prefer to manage the DNS on our account for added security and website speed.


Here is a great graphic depicting the elements of website hosting by Hostinger:

If your domain name is akin to your address on the Internet, your website hosting is akin to the property (or hosting provider) on which servers your website (house) will be built. 

If we are building or rebuilding your website, the following options are available:

a. New website build:

We will advise you on the available options according to the scope of your website requirements

b. Rebuilding an existing website:

i) You stick with your existing hosting provider and just provide us with the logins to build the site there.
ii) You transfer the hosting to us and we move it over to one of our hosting options.


Your email accounts can either be hosted on the same server as your website or a dedicated email server.

We advise the latter with services such as Microsoft Exchange Online or Gsuite, which can either be managed by your IT service provider or our email hosting partner.

However, we can also host your email on our server, in case of new domain registration or an internal transfer from one profile to ours.

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