Types of websites

Types of websites

Types of websites


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Business Websites - We specialise in sleek and sophisticated websites for all your professional needs. We come alongside you to expand and transform your pages as your business grows.


E-Commerce Websites - We supply business websites with functionality to fulfill all your e-commerce needs, such as accepting online payments and managing inventories, shipping, taxes and users.


Portfolio Websites - We can help you showcase your work online by setting up an effective and attractive electronic portfolio.


Photography Websites - With many unique add-ons, such as galleries, albums, titles, captions, lightbox popups, slideshows and more, we can create a dazzling platform for amateur or professional photographers to display their photographs.


Blog / Personal Websites - We customised websites for all your hobbies or other personal endeavours. We will make it as fun or serious as you wish and make sure it carries your personal signature.


E-Learning Websites - We create an e-learning environment for you where you can display or sell courses, deliver quizzes, award certificates, manage users, download reports, and so much more!


Educational Websites - We are experienced in building school websites which specifically meet the needs of educational institutions.


NPO / Ministry Websites - We offer special prices to NPOs and churches. Features on these websites could include donation forms and a payment portals, among others.

We believe a good website must:

  • Clearly illustrate the style and position of the brand;
  • Communicate the purpose of the brand;
  • Make essential information easily accessible;
  • Ensure everything on the website is purposeful;
  • Have  recommended web standard coding;
  • Have a tested, user-friendly design and navigation interface;
  • Load quickly across all internet speeds;
  • Be adaptable on various browsers;
  • Be responsive on any device;
  • Be maintained to ensure current and applicable content.
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