Top 12 Website trends

Top 12 Website trends

Top 12 Website trends

1. Simple navigation

Placing fewer items in your navigation menus and eliminating sidebars are great ways to cut down on the amount of clutter that exists on your site. Too much clutter can distract readers and make the site appear overly complicated. You need to help a user focus on what is important.

2. Up your image game

The next level upwards could be through new images: high-quality photographs, stock imagery, or a combination of these. Combining typography with your chosen images can be another effective way to make them more original and assist you in delivering your message.

3. Bigger is better

More “white" space (which does not always need to be white), larger images and bigger headers could do the trick. Big typography is also trending, because it has the power to grab the reader’s attention and places the focus on the key content.

4. Responsiveness is not optional

Your website must be viewable on smaller screens, such as mobile devices.

5. Move away from sliders

You need to decrease the amount of distractions on your site and make it easier for users to find their way around. Sliders do not accomplish this. They are very similar to sidebars, creating way too many options for your visitors and very few people actually use them.

6. Specify your target audience

From landing on your home page, you want users to know if they are compatible with your core offers (in terms of age, location, gender, interests, etc.). They should identify with what they see and you should be very specific in directing who comes through your doors.

7. Create clear Calls to Action

Users should know exactly what you want them to do. Create some clear calls to action that stand out from the page: e.g. subscribing to a newsletter, navigating to a particular section of the website, or more aggressively, making a purchase.

8. Easy social network integrations

Make it easy for users to like your Facebook page, view your latest posts and share parts of your content.

9. Social proof and trust

Include testimonials, ratings, reviews, press statements, guarantees and social media likes and shares.

10. Easy contact information

Have your contact number and enquiry email accessible at all times by placing it in your fixed menu header. Also make sure the phone number is a clickable link on a mobile device for the user’s convenience.

11. Geo Location

Have a Google Map that clearly displays your location (if applicable)

12. Impeccable grammar

Your website copy should be flawless. The trust of your target audience will be at risk if there are spelling errors and sloppy grammar.

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