Why your small UK business should use our Cape Town-based agency for your website needs

Why your small UK business should use our Cape Town-based agency for your website needs

Why your small UK business should use our Cape Town-based agency for your website needs

Pathfind Media will gladly and effectively build and maintain your website from South Africa.

Here’s why bright Britons should seriously consider our services:


High quality. Half the cost.

An old (and faithful) business saying goes, “Cash is king!” We would like to add, “...and quality is queen!”

Now you can have both monarchs with this royal deal: As a service agency from South Africa, we can afford to charge less (due to a weaker currency and cheaper living costs) without compromising on quality or service excellence.

Based on Numbeo.com, the following price differences exist between London and Cape Town:

Consumer Prices in United Kingdom are 49.72% higher than in South Africa.
Rent Prices in United Kingdom are 77.65% higher than in South Africa.

Since living- and running costs are significantly cheaper in South Africa, so are our rates for top quality web design services.

Don’t trust the standard of our work? Check out for yourself what Pathfind Media can deliver: Here is our portfolio with 150+ projects. Also see our reviews on Google, Facebook and Linkedin.

No lump sum to get started!

You are able to choose between a once-off payment for your website or 12-month down payment. When choosing the down payment option, all you need to pay is the monthly premium. For this, you obtain an original, custom website, which is well-maintained in terms of its core (backend). Additionally, we can also manage your content updates, add new pages, do further design work, troubleshoot where necessary and advance your on-page SEO. You will receive monthly reports of updates, including Google Analytics.

Have other needs? We can also create your eCommerce shop, administrate your domain, host your website and do your content writing (website pages or blogs).

In other words: It is absolutely affordable to get everything you want!

Quick kickoff. Customised creation.

Pathfind Media has a grand variety of over 140 premade, unique website layouts as starting point for your personalised website. These layouts are organised into complete website packs to jumpstart your new website - i.e. no long waiting time! Each pack includes 1-8 individually-designed pages or sections (in the case of a continuous scroll website), which can be modified to suit any type of business.

An especially unique aspect of our layout packs is that they are full of original photography and illustrations, created by our global design team. We would also happily adapt these to suit your style and specifications.

We put plenty of passion into making world-class designs and we are confident in saying that our premade layout packs are the best in the business.

Dedicated, ongoing maintenance and content management.

Your business website needs to stay in step with both online design trends and your business profile development. A static website without updates of any kind may be viewed by customers and search engines as a “dead” and obsolete entity. A website outdated is a website not rated!

Pathfind Media delivers continued, personal service to build your website to skyscraper status.

A personal designer will be specially assigned to you to serve with:

  • content updates,
  • page additions,
  • design work,
  • troubleshooting,
  • on-page SEO.

Dynamic content types we could add to your growing online prominence, include:

  • Products- or Service pages,
  • Portfolio items,
  • Blogs,
  • Documentation,
  • Multimedia (e.g. images, videos),
  • Customer testimonials.

International experience and excellence.

Pathfind Media has a global client base, including satisfied clients from the United Kingdom, Germany, Hong Kong, Australia and the United States.

Furthermore, we have designers and developers from around the world contributing to our website layouts, which means our design style is sufficiently diverse to accommodate pretty much any kind of business or brand.

And the obvious obstacles of international business?

In case you are worried...

Minimal time difference. The clocks between South Africa and the UK are only 1-2 hours apart (depending on the season), which implies real-time interaction. We promise quick replies to emails and are available on Skype. Which brings us to the next point…

Minimised distance. With communication technology such as email, Whatsapp and Skype, distance is no dilemma in the modern world. Furthermore, using time-tracking and screen monitoring tools as well as project management tools, we will not only stay in touch, we will stay ahead. We also visit London every year to see clients, so you will get a face-to-face and at least the first round of pint once a year.

Matching dialect. After being a British colony for about 100 years, South Africa still uses British language and spelling rules. This makes intercontinental copywriting very feasible.

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