Email Signatures and banners

Business email is key for engaging with customers, prospects, suppliers, and partners. Don't miss out on email signature marketing to enhance connections.

You can now add rotating, well-designed banners to the top of your emails, similar to Facebook banners.


Did you know the average business person sends about 43 emails per day? That adds up to 11,370 emails per year.

Imagine each email promoting a service, requesting reviews, or asking for social media likes. With email signatures and banners, every email becomes an opportunity, with click tracking for performance analytics!

person sending an email

Email Signatures and banners Benefits

Great Marketing Tool

Plan campaigns for specific individuals or groups within your organisation, or deliver targeted campaigns to recipients based on their email address, domain, past engagement, or relevant keywords.


Maintain brand consistency by centrally managing and deploying email signatures, campaigns, and disclaimers for individuals, groups, or the entire organisation.


Set yourself apart and add value with every interaction you have with customers and prospects. We can design impressive email signatures and campaigns for your business emails.


Receive real-time alerts when recipients interact with your campaigns, enabling you to engage with interested customers and prospects, and effectively turn leads into sales.


Increase website and social media traffic using interactive email signatures and banner campaigns with multiple web links. Direct recipients to landing pages, posts, and videos, seamlessly integrating your digital assets and platforms.


Obtain key insights with powerful analytics and reporting. Use automated company-wide reports or dive deeper by division, user, and date range. Compare campaign success and integrate with web analytics to track conversion rates.

Seamless Integration Across Platforms

Integrate seamlessly with your current email platforms on any device. Ensure consistent email banners, signatures, and disclaimers across all major email clients.

Email Signature and banner EXAMPLES

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