smart b-card

A SMART Business Card is the magic wand of business cards. It has an embedded microchip, which means one tap will save your details on a smartphone.

This product is currently only available in South Africa.

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why is this a wonderful idea?


Cost efficiency

One card allows for one million taps, which is the equivalent of a million paper business cards. In monetary terms, it is worth R1,5 million (the average cost of a business card is R1,5).

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You don’t need to schlepp around a pile of cards anymore. One will do!



It helps to save the planet by reducing waste and it prevents the spreading of germs.

Trash  can

Waste-basket resistance

We all know that most business cards end up in the trash or get lost before a potential client uses it. Not anymore! Your details go immediately onto their phone.

What will you get?

A card of plastic, wood or metal, or a keyring, custom designed and then printed or engraved with your branding and programmed with your contact details, as well as a Virtual Profile on a unique URL, and a QR Code.


To explain the magic in technical terms – information is transmitted to a client’s smartphone either through tapping (using NFC technology) or scanning a QR code (no special app is required). It’s super cool and an innovative way to share your contact details - like a pro!

Download the "how to use on Android & iPhone guide".

examples of smart b-cards


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