Building & Industrial

Building & Industrial Website Design

Pathfind Media has this in common with the building and industrial industry: we also love to build, manufacture and design, although we use slightly different materials and tools than you do.

We are passionate about working with engineers, manufacturers, contractors, interior decorators and architects. While you are on-site, we’ll take care of your website.

Building & Industrial
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We can help you build

Pathfind Media has much experience with clients in the building and industrial industry. Therefore, we have a good idea of what you need in a website. For example, a website is crucial to establish credibility and increase visibility, market yourself online, distribute information to potential and existing clients, sell products online, showcase your work, and more.

We can assist you with these functions: 

  • About pages
  • Team pages
  • Service pages
  • Contact pages
  • Google Maps integration
  • Project/Showcase pages
  • Portfolio
  • Photo gallery
  •  App integration
  • Knowledge base pages/blogs
  • Forms
  • WhatsApp chatboxes
  • Privacy policy (POPIA/GDPR)
  • FAQ pages
  • E-commerce product stores and payment gateways
  • Embedded Facebook or Google reviews
  • Social media feeds
  • Any other functions or pages your unique business may need

Our work

Feel free to glimpse some of our clients in the building and industrial field.  

If the Pathfind shoe fits, we’ll be happy to construct your business’s website with you.

Clients in the Building and Industrial industry: