NPO & NGO website design

Pathfind Media loves doing good by making wonderful websites for “do good” organisations, churches, schools and other academic institutions.

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Our special offer

We believe in these organisations as crucial building blocks of society and valuable agents of change. In fact, we regard them so highly that we offer a unique website package with a 25% discount to anyone who falls under this category.  

We get what you need

NGOs and NPOs require websites for many goals, such as global visibility, awareness raising,credibility with donors and members, a professional means of communication and knowledge sharing, showcasing their work, receiving funds, signing up members or volunteers, and more.

Pathfind Media took note of these specialised needs. We have much experience in serving NGOs and NPOs with functions such as:

  • payment gateways for donations or support,
  • payment gateways for donations or support,
  • online application functionality or booking forms,
  • volunteer sign-ups pages,
  • knowledge base or document libraries,
  • team pages,
  • membership portals,
  • app functionality,
  • case study/project pages,
  • photo and/or video galleries,
  • testimonials,
  • calendar integration,
  • contact pages,
  • whatever else your specific organisation may need! 

Our work

Feel free to glimpse  some of our clients in the NGO and NPO fields.