E-commerce entails making money through online sales. Integrating e-commerce software on your website could open up great new territories for your business by tapping into a wealth of fresh potential customers and offering existing ones a convenient alternative for purchasing your products or services.

Not to mention how it could make your life easier!

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Sell anything!

With e-commerce, you could sell just about any imaginable tangible or intangible commodity. From physical products to digital downloads, subscriptions, memberships or online content and courses to our time and services anything is possible.

Sell anywhere!

If you tapping the online market, you are no longer location-bound. You could sell globally, or keep it locally if you wish. We are based in Cape Town with a global footprint and we can provide the platform for you to sell your products anywhere in the world.

If your business is based on an appointment or availability setup, online booking software on your website could greatly simplify this system for you! No longer should clients call or e-mail and your admin personnel be burdened with all the tasks involved in making manual bookings.

This type of e-commerce software is perfect for many types of undertakings, such as medical practices, health and beauty salons, businesses dealing with tourist activities, accommodation transport, equipment hiring and much more!

Make events easy through online ticket sales! You can sell tickets online or provide free registration to any imaginable event: concerts, conferences, camps, functions, fundraisers and sports fixtures.

Many institutions or businesses – from churches, schools, NPOs and clubs to entertainment venues, artists or restaurants to basically anybody hosting any type of event  – could benefit from online ticketing technology!

Get your show on the road with these possible features:

  • Online ticketing sales
  • Multiple ticket types
  • Branded HTML email tickets
  • PDF tickets
  • Barcode support
  • Attendee lists in CSV format
  • iOS and Android check-in apps
  • Express check-in interface
  • Custom attendee fill-in fields
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