Designing a website is like building a house

If website developers had a love language, planning would probably it. Why?  Because it reduces frustration and saves time (and money).

This is why we invest in a win-win collaborative consultation session, which we call the
discovery workshop.


Plans are nothing; planning is everything. - Dwight D. Eisenhower

Matt Briefing

Discovery workshop

The discovery workshop is a collaborative consultation and briefing session during which we map out and plan the following elements for your website and other digital marketing or design services:

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The mountain of website jargon is a vast landscape. So, we throw you a tether and pull you through the climb of landing pages, hero banners, page modules, toggles, sliders, social feeds and plugins.

Site map examples

Effective website navigation is a maze of main pages, child pages, sections and landing pages. The navigation organogram provides a visual structure to plan where what goes and how it all flows.

Website Pages

Your idea of "wow", 'sophisticated", 'uncluttered", 'breath taking", etc. differs to anybody else's, so we have to make sure we are navigating this terrain with the same map legend by looking at actual examples together and determining your preferences.


We basically draw a stickman equivalent of the proposed layout for your homepage to help you visualise the different content and sections and where each section will navigate users.


Maybe you need visitors to access a document archive, to download PDFs, or to find answers to FAQs. We discuss what that may look like for your website.


Stock libraries are affordable alternatives to professional photos, videos, graphics, animations, etc. but can look disjointed when not carefully curated to represent your brand well. We explore and decide on the best route for your visual elements.

Designer briefing

During this leg of the journey, we take down briefings for any graphic design elements (e.g. logo, brand style guide, stationery, or website graphics) and other digital marketing or support services (e.g. Google My Business listing, SEO content writing, social media platform setups, etc.).