The Balance Between Quality, Speed and Price

The Balance Between Quality, Speed and Price

The Balance Between Quality, Speed and Price

Good, Fast or Cheap - PICK TWO

The project scope triangle (pertaining to Quality, Speed and Price, of which you can only pick two) is rather well-known within project management spheres.

You've probably also seen some funny meme variations online (like this one that is relatable for parents).

Between a clean house, happy kids and your sanity, you can also only pick two - for your own sanity and for the kids to be happy, the house is going to be a bit messy.

Sure you could try having it all, but you will probably only be setting yourself up for disappointment (or burnout).

When it comes to applying the Quality, Speed and Price triangle to website design costs, you can either:

  • Pay less and have it done quickly, but the quality will be bad
  • You can pay less and have good quality, but then it will take much longer
  • You can have it done fast and with good quality but pay a higher price."

The priority YOU place on quality, speed and price will ultimately affect your choice of website design service provider.


There are three categories when it comes to website design service providers:


If we put these three in a triangle, you’ll realise:

Freelancers are a great choice if your budget is really tight, and you are not in too much of a rush to go live, since they have limited capacity (and depending on their experience, the quality will vary).

Corporate agencies will certainly give you quality and may work with faster turnarounds, but they will not be cheap - and you are likely to speak to an operator as they don’t do well with personal customer relationships.

Pathfind Media

We are a small, yet dynamic and qualified team, backed by many years’ experience. With us you can expect uncompromising personal service, at a fair rate, faster than you think, and with less hassle than they care to handle.

In summary: you will definitely find a cheaper price elsewhere (from freelancers). You will also find a faster solution from a corporate agency, but:

On the BALANCE between Quality, Speed and Price, we know we offer the best equilibrium.

We’d love to chat about your project!

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