Email Marketing

What’s the story?

E-mail campaigns are marketing endeavours done through – you guessed it: e-mails sent to existing or potential customers. The mails could include advertisements, offers or any other content to build brand awareness or loyalty.

What can it do for you?


Get reports and get better - For every e-mail campaign you launch, you will receive in-depth feedback reports (based on advanced analytics) to help you improve the next one. For example, you will be able to see how many recipients opened your mail, unsubscribed from your mailing list or followed a link.


E-Commerce integration - With the option of built-in e-commerce features, an e-mail to a prospective client is only one click away from a purchase.


Effective targeting - With marketing automation, we can make sure that your “love letters” reach the correct mailboxes. Targeting is based on potential customers’ preferences, behaviours and previous sales.


Integration with apps and services - Your mail could be integrated with Facebook, Twitter, Google and more. This means that the content of the e-mail is shared on other platforms too, making the effort even more worthwhile.

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