Good, Better, Google Chrome Extensions

Good, Better, Google Chrome Extensions

Good, Better, Google Chrome Extensions

The debate concerning which browser is superior seems endless, and subjective at best. For die-hard Internet Explorer (yes, IE still exists) and Firefox users, Google Chrome may seem challenging to navigate AT FIRST, but once you convert to the Chrome side, we can almost guarantee that there will be no turning back.

It’s probably not hard to guess that we prefer Google Chrome. Reasons include fast performance, infinite expandability, stability, and responsiveness, to name but a few.  The feature that we, however, cannot (okay, do not want to) live without is undoubtedly Chrome Extensions (small software programs that customise your web browsing experience to your individual preferences and requirements).

Expanding on Extensions Extensively

Here are some of our favorite extensions (also known as add-ons or plug-ins) that can be useful for administrative staff, business people and creatives alike!

Clear Cache and Cookies

No, this does not refer to your empty wallet or cookie jar at the end of the month. It is, in fact, the information that your browser ‘holds onto’ over periods of time. Eventually, this may lead to difficulty when trying to log in to or bringing up certain sites and can cause your browser to slow down.


Spotting smelling pistakes does not come naturally to everyone. In all seriousness, misspelled words, typos and poor grammar can leave a negative impression on users and affectfuture sales. Tardiness in this area can reflect that a brand does not care for its image.Grammarly is an automated spellchecker that detects grammar, spelling, punctuation, word choice, and style mistakes in your writing.Here's a link to Grammarly.

ColorZilla and Font Finder

Ever been on a website and thought to yourself ‘wow, I really want to try this shade of Mikado or that Quicksand font in my next project.’ Nope? Because you probably had no idea the color Mikado or the font Quicksand even existed!

Enter ColorZilla, a nifty color picker/advanced eyedropper extension for Google Chrome that can help you color your world into a Starry, Starry Night, any time of day! Similarly, Font Finder will identify any font on another website for you, so you can also create amazing-looking designs with fonts as fancy as frills.

Here's a link to Font Finder.

Here's a link to ColourZilla.


Tired of reprimanding people (aka your parents) for leaving their passwords all over on little hand-scribbled notes? Enter LastPass, an award-winning password manager that gives you secure access to ALL your passwords from any one of your devices!

Here's a link to LastPass.

Toby for Chrome

 ‘’If you ever want to know what a woman’s mind feels like, imagine a browser with 2876 tabs open. All. The. Time.’’Anyone (not necessarily even a woman) come to mind? Introduce them to Toby for Chrome, a visual workspace that lives on every new tab, changing the way you save and access tabs by making it easy and fun to use. You can even drag and drop your browser tabs into collections! Sounds like we all need a Toby in our lives.

Here's a link to Toby for Chrome.

 Evernote Web Clipper

 With features like ‘Clip it All’, ‘Highlight and Share’, and ‘Customize Clips’, Evernote Web Clipper is a great extension for content curators and researchers. Simply ‘clip’ the web pages you want to keep and save them in Evernote to easily find them on any device at a later stage.

Here's a link to Evernote Web Clipper.


 It is not difficult to understand why this extension has had over 200 million downloads. The best part is that AdBlock for Chrome works automatically, plus you can choose to block all adds as a default setting or to whitelist your favorite sites.You’re welcome!

Here's a link to Adblock.


 ‘’I had tried other types of screen recording but all were too clumsy and hard to use. This is so easy: a couple of clicks and it saves into a ready-made folder on your Google Drive. Thoroughly recommend it.’’We think the above review on Screencastify says it all. It’s the number 1 extension on Chrome for capturing, editing and sharing videos in seconds!

Here's a link to Screencastify.

Full Page Screenshot

This extension’s best feature is that it allows you to choose between capturing custom areas and entire websites. It requires no log-in or sign-up and allows access to your screenshots, even when you are offline. Snip away!

Here's a link to Full Page Screenshot.

Come on Chrome

These are some of our favorite extensions, but there are endless possibilities that will open an entirely new world of nifty must-haves to make your online life a breeze!

Visit the Google Chrome web store and start Googling extensions to your heart’s content!

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