Password Manager: Lastpass

Password Manager: Lastpass

Password Manager: Lastpass

Most people have been using a couple of very easy to remember passwords for years without any problem. That’s NOT SAFE.

As proven by a number of recent hacks across major websites, if a malicious user gains access to all this information, then they can cause serious damage. This is not just a horror story that we tell users to scare them. It is true and happens every day to hundreds of people around the globe.

This is why security experts and other professionals recommend users to use STRONG and UNIQUE passwords.

Now you’re probably wondering how do you remember it all when there are so many different passwords such as email accounts, web hosting, social accounts, WordPress admin area, etc.

That’s why you need a password manager.

What is a Password Manager?

A password manager stores all your passwords and allows you to manage them using one master password. It also helps you generate strong passwords when you are creating new accounts and then store them on the cloud.

The best part about password managers is that they have an auto-fill functionality. This way you never have to remember or enter anything for sites that you already have an account on.

You can use your password manager app on all your devices, and it can easily import passwords stored in your browser.

What password manager do we use?

We use LastPass and feel very confident about recommending it to our users. First of all, it is available for free and the premium version is only $12 per year. That’s $1 for each month.

LastPass is available on Windows, Mac, Linux, iPad, iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, and Blackberry devices. This means no matter what device you use, LastPass will be there and you can easily sync all your passwords.

LastPass uses a master password to manage your password vault which makes this master password the key to all your online accounts.

What does Last Pass do?

LastPass uses a master password to manage your password vault which makes this master password the key to all your online accounts.

LastPass allows you to use multi-factor authentication with Toopher, Duo Security, Transakt, Yubi Key, and of course Google Authenticator. This means that a person must know your password and have access to a randomly generated security code to enter your password vault.

If for some reason you need to share a password with someone like your assistant or developer, then LastPass allows you to do that securely. The other party will need to install LastPass on their browser to use shared passwords.

The password sharing functionality is great because your assistant never sees your password, so they can’t change the password. They can simply login and perform the tasks that you need them to do.

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